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PHINMA Saint Jude College is a strong, happy, and supportive educational community to enroll in. Our affordable fees and high education standards, as well as its strong and supportive community, help students to develop and grow so that they may achieve a better tomorrow.

We endeavor to support our students all the way by offering scholarship programs. Our Hawak Kamay Scholarship Program provides 50% discount on tuition & miscellaneous fees for 4 years to our more financially challenged students. Check our complete list of scholarships below:

  • 1. Hawak Kamay Scholarship

    This scholarship is only for incoming freshmen, with required 10 hours of return service per week.
    Below are the included benefits:

    • 4-year college scholarship
    • No maintaining grade requirement
    • 50% discount for tuition and miscellaneous fee
  • 2. PHINMA National Scholarship

    The PHINMA National Scholarship is a full scholarship and leadership development program for college students.
    Below are the included benefits:

    • 4-yr college scholarship
    • 100% scholarship grant
    • Monthly allowance
  • 3. Scholarship Benefits for Employee Dependents

    The benefits of this scholarship are available to the following:

    • Regular non-teaching employees
    • Tenured faculty member
  • 4. Education Discount for Government Employees

    This scholarship aims to give back to those who are serving in the government.

    • 25% discount on tuition fee